About Purple Spread

Inspired by the great Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” marketing classic – We want to help those who have a remarkable product to SPREAD their ideas out into the universe.

We’re devoted to helping makers create a more remarkable world.

It’s no longer the best that naturally rises to the top, the world has become clouded with noise.

So starting with one to the many and then many to the crowd…we spread creations that matter.


Joe ‘The Jam’ Constanty

With ten years of creating companies under his belt in China, Joe is known to hustle even in his sleep. He’s both the co-founder of THE UT.LAB, the most crowdfunded footwear brand on Kickstarter, and an advisor to many China-based lifestyle brands. He’s also weirdly obsessed with connecting people and building incredible brand stories. Joe believes in the 80/20 principle. 80% jam and 20% butter on his toast.

Holly ‘The Knife’ Sharp

Half a decade of launching products for a Fortune 500 company made Holly realize something: she’s addicted to sending awesome shit into the world. She’s a purple spreading natural. Armed with a MBA and a ‘say no to me and you will die’ attitude, Holly believes that process, data, and great partners are necessary to take the good ideas to next level greatness. Oh and tools, lots and lots of tools!

Rob ‘The Bread’ Han

Always one to rise to the occasion, Rob can be found jumping between design, business, and technology at a dizzying pace. As an ex-brand director of a luxury fashion brand, he loves putting the customer in the limelight. When he’s not building bridges so that designers and business people can play nice, Rob badgers people to use both intuition and logic when making business decisions. Badgering includes eye-poking.

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