Crowdfunding Resources – It’s messy out there……

As we scoured the internet to add to our war chest of data, we built a database of articles that we liked and found useful. Below you will find a list of organized crowdfunding resources that we are happy to recommend to you.

If you have the time and patience to dig through them as well, we are glad they can help.

If you are like us and just looking to cut to the chase and get only the most important and well organized information – check out our – “Learn It” page for our approach to taking in this vast amount of information.

Note about these sources:
They are not a substitute for getting a proper overview of the topic, but a good place to get different perspectives. Not every topic is covered and those covered to not always go into the level of detail that is possible. We did our best to include our favorites and will continue to add to them as we find more.

Crowdfunding Resources – Getting Started
4 different types of crowdfunding
7 considerations before launching a Crowdfunding campaign
8 ways to make money as a artist, musician or creative type
Decide whether to crowdfund or bootstrap your business
7 reasons why crowdfunding is more than just money
The stages of prototyping and why they matter
5 ideas to safeguard your project or idea on Kickstarter
Useful crowdfunding lists
How will Donald Trump impact Crowdfunding?
Getting started crowdfunding
Before you launch- read this
The basics of crowdfunding
10 things you need to know before you start crowdfunding
Getting started with crowdfunding
How to set a crowdfunding goal
Setting a realistic goal for your crowdfunding campaign
What are crowdfunding stretch goals
Best practices for a realistic Crowdfunding budget
Setting realistic Crowdfunding goals
Set the right Crowdfunding goal
How to assemble a winning Crowdfunding team
Crowdfunding in a foreign currency
Launching during the holidays
Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo
Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo
Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo
Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo vs. Patreon
Lesser known Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo differences- 2017
3 things you didn’t know you could outsource for Crowdfunding
Outsource Crowdfunding
20+ Crowdfunding tools
E-Resources from Indiegogo
campaign checklist
What is slack?
Slack Tutorial
Using Slack
Getting started on Slack
Dropbox tour
Crowdfunding legal issues
9 risks associated w Crowdfunding
Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding
Kickstarter handbook
Top Kickstarer creator questions
Kickstarer rules
Kickstarter identity verification
Indiegogo platform guide
How nonprofit Crowdfunding works
Turning an idea into a prototype
What can I crowdfund?
New to crowdfunding, here is what to expect
Crowdfunding – the good, the bad and the (really) ugly
Crowdfunding in emerging markets
Questions for a crowdfunding consultant
Crowdfunding Resources – Creating Content
Kickstarter project review process
Crowdfunding Lessons from an artist
Breaking through creative blocks
How to get featured on KS
Make the most out of limits on perks
3 tips for copy writing campaign pages
Landing page builder
Power up your pitch video
Ideas for enhancing your campaign


Crowdfunding video tips
Techniques for a professional Crowdfunding video
How to make a better pitch video
10 amazing crowdfunding pitch videos
videos of the 10 most crowdfunded campaigns
Kickstarter advice on campaign videos
Top 5 crowdfunding videos
Crowdfunding Video Benchmarks
Crowdfunding Video Storyboard Tips
Tips and Examples of Crowdfunding Videos
Free resources for crowdfunding videos
Making a great pitch for crowdfunding
Building a pre-campaign page
Tips for your campaign FAQ page
A designers guide to creating a crowdfunding campaign
10 design projects you can be inspired by
Top Indiegogo campaigns of 2016
6 tips to create a top notch crowdfunding video
Best videos used in crowdfunding
Crowdfunding Resources- Marketing
Use this handy tool to manage your outreach efforts
Enlist Twitter for Crowdfunding success
Tips on using images on Twitter
Attracting bloggers and influencers
Tips on email strategy
PR planning demystified
Facebook ad targeting to hit your goal
What Crowdfundingunders need to know about PR
21 places to promote your crowdfunding campaign
Backerclub overview
Google Analytics
How to use Bitly to see if Reps are using your content
Writing a Crowdfunding press release
Irresistable Crowdfunding press releases
15 crowdfunding project promotion tools
Email marketing tips for crowdfunding
Get backers from Instagram
Landing page software tools for collecting email
Facebook advertising tips for a new Crowdfunding campaign
Pintrist Crowdfunding Tips
10 ways to get out of mid-campaign slump
5 places to get an unsecured personal loan (for crowdfunding)
How do you get the most out of your crowdfunding email list
Running Crowdfunding Facebook campaigns
How to build your email list using contests and giveaways
19 ways to build your crowdfunding campaign
How to keep your crowdfunding community motivated
Crowdfunding promotional scams
12 tools to help with your campaign
Crowdfund Beat
Creative Live
Small Biz Trends
Princton community works
Canada Media Fund
crowdfunding academy
Art of the Kickstart
crowdfunding heros
Crowdfunding Playbook
the crowdfunding formula
Crowdfunding headlines
Huffington post
the balance
video brewery