Friday Five – Issue 16 – Five Crowd Funding Tips

On our sixteenth edition of Friday Five, we bring you a curated space for tools and resources to help you on your campaign, a personal AC you can fit in the palm of your hands, how a simple bag raked millions on Kickstarter, tips on how to improve your project’s tale, and how you can use failures to spark your success. So, here we go…
1) Get every online tool you need all in one place:

Save yourself tons of time downloading and testing tools and get it all here. From idea generation to CRM recommendations, find it all at Startup Stash. >>

2) A personal air conditioning system to cool you off:

Geizeer, a portable, eco-friendly ice cooling system that has reached 2203% of its funding goal with only 15 days left before the campaign ends on Indiegogo. Get them while they’re hot.>> 

3) An everyday bag tops Kickstarter’s charts:

Peak Design has done it again with their Everyday Line bags, surpassing the $1M mark in less than 24 hours after its launch on Kickstarter. Check out how they did it.>>

4) Great stories = better campaign success:

Storytelling plays a major role in your campaign’s success. Find out how you can engage your audience with a compelling narrative to help boost your next project. >>

5) Currently reading on Kindle:

Everyone experiences defeat, but how you rebound from failure is what counts. Former NFL Player and Olympian, Jeremy Bloom talks about how one can take the grit and use it as stepping stones to success in his book “Fueled by Failure“. Download it on Kindle.>> 

Summer’s almost done. Have some fun in the sun.

The Team at Purple Spread

Holly, Rob and Joe