Crowdfunding Made Easier.

Our one and only goal at Purple Spread is to help as makers feel like bad asses a. Yet, it’s hard to feel like a bad ass when you are on information overload!

The internet is full of little bread crumbs of information. You can pick up along the way to help you answer questions as they fly at you. And that can work for some.

Due to this, we were very overwhelmed when we first started out! If that is you, we recommend taking a peek at our “learn it” section. We have compiled the most comprehensive course on crowdfunding on the internet to help you focus on launching an incredible campaign.

If you came here because you have a specific question you would like to have answered, we can still help.

In our blog you will find two sections:

Is crowdfunding right for me? 

First of all, teams that are trying to figure out how to get started often have a parade of questions to help them make sure that crowdfunding is for them.

Our course is aimed at teams that have made the serious commitment to moving forward, which you may not be ready for yet.

Therefore, we have created a guide to help answer that question. If you didn’t find the answer to your question – head over to our “We Live For Crowdfunding!” contact page and shoot us a note. 

Crowdfunding Resources

Our single focus is on making sure creators have the confidence and all around bad-assery to prepare and execute amazing crowdfunding campaigns.

There is no catch, we are not trying to sell marketing services, our email lists or follow up products. Since we have this list of the resources we used and found most helpful when building our own knowledge base, we are happy to share them.